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2024 High School

High School Development Camp

EBLE ICE RINK - Brookfield, WI

The foundation of our summer camp is to develop and challenge each skater

What does it means to be be PRYMETYME - Sacrifice, sweat, and countless hours of repetition and practice! Hockey success requires more than talent alone. It takes the will to compete and win! The determination to push yourself to your limit and beyond.

Over the course of our 8 week summer camp your skater will spend 20 hours on ice working and improving on their skill development. Many of the areas that we will focus on with your skater will include but not limited to. 

1. Skating - Power Skating, Over Speed, Edge Work, Lateral Movement, Agility, Backward Skating and Pivots

2. Passing - Proper Mechanics, Accuracy, Hard Flat Passes

3. Shooting To Score, Changing The Shot Angle, Quick Release

4. Stick Handling - Proper Hand/Stick Placement, Wrist Rolling 

5. Competition Drills, Position Specific

Our philosophy is to keep the skaters moving by keeping the lines for drills short and provide high quality repetition ratios. Your skater will have a incredible opportunity to improve skills sets during their time at PRYME TYME.

If you put in the work, you will reap the benefits.

Make sure to add PRYME TYME HOCKEY CAMPS to your training regiment.  



Skaters - $700

Goalies - $80


No Refunds Will Be Given